Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ran 2 miles.
Biked 3 miles.
Worked out my chest a bit.
Sat in the sauna.

Seemed like my entire town was at the gym today. I had to park in the back of the building. I never have to do this. There were so many strange things I noticed. Like for instance there was more men in the spinning class than woman. ASIANS? So many Asians at the gym today. Seemed like Asians work out for free day.

Time to get in shape. I weigh a flimsy 138lb.  I use to be inching towards 160 back when I was on my grind.

Lets do this! I have to... and I mean HAVE TO... bulk up before boot camp.  I'm not going there looking like a small fry. Just not happening. I want to be in such a shape to where they are wondering why the hell I'm going to be photographer and not a Navy Seal. I'm going to have to start hitting the gym twice a day.

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